Flash SSD's have been deployed for years in industrial automation machines, robots, medical devices, war machines, space crafts, 99.999% reliable telecommunication networks and other applications that demanded highest reliability and durability standards.

Yet, many ODM/OEM designers and systems integrators are still concerned about Flash SSD reliability and in particular as related to the NAND write endurance.


All Memkor's industrial products are built using the most reliable SLC NAND. The SLC NAND has superior write endurance and resilience to disturb errors when comparing to the MLC NAND technology.

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Flash SSD Reliability Prediction

Traditionally, Flash SSD's have been technology of choice for extreme and marginal environments.

Flash SSD's can be found in remote devices where service is impossible or economically impractical. These devices may be designed for years and years of continuous operation.

They can be found in high speed recorders gathering continuously large amount of data.

They can be found at high altitudes, at high temperature, subject to the severe shock and vibration forces, or under the combination of any of the listed factors.

Memkor is committed to help you identify a governing model for reliability prediction; be it component aging, write endurance or the environment.

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