Memkor SSDs for M+ Rugged Applications

All Memkor SSDs are designed with MIL-STD-810 requirements in mind, as our mission is to focus on solid state storage solutionscapable to operate anywhere in the world and under any circumstances. While we offer commercial versions, we design, select components, build and test (and test, and test) to ensure these are truly industrial SSDs with long life, no maintenance and solid health monitoring capabilities. All industrial version SSDs are conformally coated, are built using special Bill of Material and undergo through the rigorous multi-day production testing spanning across SSD operational functions and specified deployment environment.

While hardening the SSD through the design and manufacturing to withstand harsh temperatures, humidity and altitude practically does not require architectural differentiation among Memkor industrial grade SSDs, meeting vibration and shock requirements lead to different levels of ruggedization in the design approach. As a result, Memkor Orange and Blue Series SSDs comply with applications up to 16.3 G RMS vibration profile. Should you look for higher resilience levels you may look at Memkor M-Ruggedized Black Series SSDs successfully tested to 30 G RMS vibration levels.

The SATA-like connectors are rated for a very low vibration level and a low number of insertions. Addressing both issues at the computer system design level, and with no change to SSD, requires extra engineering time, increases hardware footprint and cost. As an alternative, Memkor proposes using HiVibe© connector built using field proven Hyperboloid technology. It eliminates the need for extra effort and extra hardware and provides virtually unlimited number of SSD insertions as well as ruggedizes the SATA plug-receptacle connection to 30 G RMS vibration level. The HiVibe solution can be used on the Orange, Blue and Black Series 2.5" SSDs.

Memkor BLACK Series SSD provides the highest level of ruggedization suitable for the most adverse environments known to man and machines.

Memkor BLACK Series SSDs and HiVibe for M-Ruggedized Applications

Memkor BLACK Series SSDs with the innovative mechanical design achieve exceptional resistance to the most extreme shock and vibration levels defined in the MIL-STD-810G standard. With a capacity ranging from 16GB to 1024GB using SLC NAND, featuring Write Protect, Data Elimination and optional highly ruggedized HiVibe(C) SATA connector, the BLACK Series considerably expands the deployment flexibility of the Memkor family of SSD’s. A number of security features are offered as options. Contact us for more information

HiVibe© Connector

Standard SATA connector is typically rated for 6 G RMS vibration level and 200-600 insertion cycles. The traditional approach to address these limitations requires development effort and result in extra-hardware. Memkor, in collaboration with Amphenol Aerospace, introduces a solution—HiVibe. Built on Micro-Hyberboloid technology, HiVibe is rated for more than 30 G RMS and 20,000 insertion cycles. To facilitate HiVibe deployment and minimize the cost, computer board mating right-angle or vertical receptacles fit in the mounting footprint of the equivalent standard SATA connectors.