Innovative Flash Storage Products

One Size does not Fit All

Flash SSD applications span from boot drives to portable computers to high performance servers to data recorders. The SSDs are deployed for its superior, as compared to traditional mechanical drives, reliability and resilience to uncontrolled environments. Some SSD applications require extreme performance and some others minimum power consumption, which may come at the expense of performance. User data protection and/or elimination functions are becoming very important in some other applications. There is no one SSD that can meet all, often conflicting requirements. One size does not fit all.

M+ Secure

Data Security is becoming one of the most important requirements for storage deployment. These requirements drove the development of software based full-disk encryption systems or inherent to SSD architecture hardware based Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) function. Memkor M+ Secure SSDs can support a variety of SED management alternatives.



All Memkor SSDs are designed with MIL-STD-810 requirements in mind. All industrial version SSDs are built using special Bill of Material, can operate at high altitude, extended temperatures and vibration of up to 16.3 GRMS.

HiVibe, a drop in replacement for a standard 22-pin SATA connector can be used to ensure virtually unlimited number of insertions.

M+ Rugged

Memkor Extra Rugged (M+) SSDs can operate anywhere in the world and under any circumstances. M+ Rugged SSDs were successfuly tested in applications with vibration level up to 30 GRMS.

Optional HiVibe, a drop in replacement for a standard 22-pin SATA connector and design for 30 GRMS eliminates the need for extra hardware dedicated to strengthen SATA connection.


M+ Capacity

Memkor flash and board stacking technologies offer highest density and highest capacity solid state storage in either standard or proprietary form factors. M+ Capacity 2.5" provides up to 4TB in a standard 0.374" (9.5mm) height and up to 8TB in 0.602" (15.3mm). M+ Capacity 3.5" and card formats provide up to 12TB of solid state storage.



For high throughput real time data recording, video streaming, cloud computing, large database and transaction processing applications there is no SSD that is too fast or with not enough capacity. Memkor SATA SSDs can run close to SATA III theoretical maximum performance, the new native PCIe SSDs can run up 1200 MB/s. Memkor can optimize firmware for application specific minimization of latencies and graceful handling of bursts of data.


Smallest FF

Memkor ORANGE Series includes a number of small form factor SSDs suitable for deployment in as an embedded storage in compact size mission, industrial and medical computers. This includes MO297 SSDiC, PCIe or SATA M.2, MO300B mSATA and 1.8" form factors.


Legacy Embedded Flash Solutions

Memkor offers a number of solid state storage solutions designed as a drop in replacement for legacy computers that use either traditional rotational or flash based drives.