HiVibe SATA Series

HiVibe - SATA Connector Ruggedized to Perfection

HiVibe is a drop-in replacement for a standard SATA connector.

Standard SATA connector is typically rated for 6GRMS vibration level and 200-600 insertion cycles. The traditional approach to address these limitations requires development effort and result in extra-hardware. Memkor, in collaboration with Amphenol Aerospace, introduces a solution—HiVibe. Built on Micro-Hyberboloid technology, HiVibe is rated for more than 30GRMS and 20,000 insertion cycles. To facilitate HiVibe deployment and minimize the cost, computer board mating right-angle or vertical receptacles fit in the mounting footprint of the equivalent standard SATA connectors.

HiVibe is available as an option on any Memkor 2.5” SATA SSD.

Features & Benefits Details
HiVibe Values Eliminates SATA connector vulnerability to vibration
Complements SSD resilience to severe environment
Designed for demanding Defense applications
Provides 7 signal and 15 power pins
Provides high quality, impedance controlled contact
Supports SATA II and SATA III speeds
Mates with a variety of HiVibe receptacles
HiVibe is a drop-in replacement to standard connectors

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HiVibe SATA Connector

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