Memkor Blue Series PCIe SSD

Memkor BLUE Series SSDs are geared towards high performance data recording requiring highest capacity per SATA/PCIe port.

Memkor Blue Series SSDs extend the capabilities and feature set of the Orange Series SSDs to the increased height 2.5” form factor in order to scale the capacity to 16 TB (MLC NAND) in 0.602” (15.3mm) or up to 24 TB if higher SSD profile can be supported.

The PCIe/NVMe interface offers the most cost effective and technologically viable path to scale the performance beyond SATA III speed. Our 2.5” 8 TB SSDs can achieve up to 1,200MB/s and 200,000 IOps. Through the use of the PCIe/NVMe, the SATA or SAS interfaces can be entirely eliminated from the computer architecture and reduce the overall power consumption and heat dissipation, as well as enhance the overall reliability through architecture simplification.

The superior ruggedization of the BLUE Series address a broad range of Defense and Enterprise markets.

Addressing the on-going segmentation of the SSD application requirements, a number of security features, performance and power consumption options are offered.

The newest generation Memkor BLUE Series SATA and PCIe/NVMe models support either TCG Opal or ATA command based encryption management with FIPS 197 validated encryption engine. Please contact Memkor for more information. Conformal coating is standard on all the Extended / Defense grade Blue Series models.

Memkor offers our customers a controlled Bill of Material (BOM) to facilitate smooth qualification and reliable product longevity.

Features & Benefits Details
Standard Form Factor • 2.5" (SFF 8369)
Standard Interfaces • PCIe/NVMe
Fast application response improving user experience • Up to 1200MB/s sustained read/write rates
High Speed Interfaces • PCIe Gen2 x 4, NVMe 1.1a
Highest capacity in 2.5" FF • 2.5": up to 8192/4096 GB MLC/SLC NAND
(H: 0.602" or 15.3 mm)
Operating temperature range • -40ºC to 85ºC Industrial
• 0ºC to 70ºC Commercial
High Data Reliability and Integrity • Data stored on NAND managed by both static
and dynamic wear leveling
• Strong ECC/EDC
• 27+ years write endurance when overwriting entire
disk 10 times per day
• Sudden Power Loss protection in hw and fw
• End-to-end Data protection

Memkor SSDs - Summary

Blue - U.2/2.5in PCIe

Specs can change at any time