FRED Black Series SSD

Flexible Ruggedized External Drive, FRED is part of Memkor’s Black Series SATA, PCIe and USB Solid State Drives. FRED provides an easy to deploy, highly rugged and high-performance non-volatile storage module in capacities up to 2TB and 4TB in short and long versions, and performance for up to 300MB/s and 500MB/s for USB and SATA interfaces. FRED optionally includes Write Protect, military grade Secure Erase and is compliant with cryptographic module requirements.

Memkor BLACK Series SSDs are designed for applications that require extreme level of ruggedization. Leveraging Memkor Orange and Blue Series SSD capabilities, and combining with the innovative mechanical design, Memkor Black Series SSDs provide exceptional resilience to the most challenging shock and vibration levels well beyond those required by the most stringent cases of the MIL-STD-810F/G standard. With the capacity ranging from 32GB to 1024GB using either MLC NAND or highest quality SLC NAND, as well as features such Data Elimination, the Black Series considerably expands deployment flexibility of the Memkor family of SSDs.

All newest generation Memkor BLACK Series FRED models support either TCG Opal or ATA command based encryption management with FIPS 197 validated encryption engine. Selected 256-1024GB models are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated. Contact Memkor for more details.

All Memkor BLACK Series production units are fully tested beyond extended temperature range in addition to 12-48 hours room temperature unit burn-in.

Memkor offers our customers a controlled Bill of Material (BOM), obsolescence management process to facilitate smooth qualification and increased product longevity.

Features & Benefits Details
Form Factor Small handheld
Interface SATA 6Gbps option for maximum performance, or
SATA 3Gbps option for minimum power consumption, or
USB 3.1 for easy Host computer connection (standard cables available)
Data throughput SATA III: up to 500/500 MB/s read/write
SATA II: up to 250/250 MB/s read/write
USB 3.1: up to 300/300 MB/s read/write
Maximum Capacity up to 1024/512 GB MLC/SLC NAND FRED—Short
up to 2048/1024 GB MLC/SLC NAND FRED—Mid
up to 4096/2048 GB MLC/SLC NAND FRED—Long
Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to 85ºC Industrial/Military
0ºC to 70ºC Commercial
-20 to +70C Defense
Vibration/shock 16.3 GRMS/50G
Operating Voltage 5V±10%
Water impermeability 3ft
Data Reliability Flash managed by static and dynamic wear leveling and powerful ECC/EDC/CRC
Uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER): less than 10-16
Data Retention 10 y beginning of SSD life
1 y at the end of life
Endurance up to 280 TB (1024 GB MLC NAND)
up to 1400 TB ( 512 GB SLC NAND)
Data at Rest Security Optional FIPS 140-2
Optional TCG OPAL V2.0 Self Encrypted Drive (SED)
Optional CSfC
Enhanced ATA Security/Authentication support
Military grade Secure Erase and Crypto-Erase
HW and/or SW Write Protect
Component reliability MTBF: 1,000,000
Health monitoring S.M.A.R.T. to report system health
Thermal performance monitoring and management

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