Memkor’s mission is to fulfill your programs SSD requirements. Whether SATA, PCIe, PATA or SCSI interfaces; from Disk-on-Chip to custom packaging or unique form factors, Memkor has the engineering talent to make your program successful.

Loyal to Defense and Industrial Markets, Memkor offers locked Bill-of-Materials utilizing high reliability components, firmware tailoring, and is committed to providing excellent customer service throughout the product life cycle.

If you are looking for the best performance, our PCIe and SATA III solutions can meet the most demanding Enterprise or Client application requirements.

If you are looking for high capacity, Memkor’s densely packed BLUE Series ships with up to 8TB in a 2.5” form factor and 15mm in height.

Special features that enhance user data protection and integrity, such as Write Protect, Military grade Data Elimination (Fast Erase and Purge) and Data Encryption (including TCG OPAL) are available in a number of deployable configurations.

Memkor has developed different storage families optimized for diverse applications:
  • ORANGE Series with unmatched performance, capacity and resilience to hostile environments. PCIe, SATA and native PATA interfaces are supported.
  • BLUE Series for special high capacity applications.
  • BLACK—engineered to comply with the most extreme vibration requirements.
  • WHITE Series for the legacy systems.